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Miaseta's handcrafted unique ikat products are crafted with meticulous care using authentic silk ikat weavings, prepared with intricate traditional techniques and craftsmanship. They contain 75% cocoon silk and 25% organic cotton for durability and a unique design. Please be cautious of industrially produced imitations offered at lower prices, as they lack the genuine ikat weaving feature.
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Silk Ikat Fabrics

Ikat is an amazing ancient technique of fabric making where the pattern is created prior to weaving through the process of resist-dye of the yarns. The whole process, from getting silk thread to weaving, is manual. Silk ikat fabrics are handmade by artisan weavers in Uzbekistan. Each roll of fabric has its own unique design, which cannot be repeated./collections/silk-fabric-collection

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authentic handwoven silk velvet uzbekistan fabrics. Hometextile and home decoration fabrics.

Silk Velvet Ikat Fabrics

Attention: The last of SILK VELVET IKAT FABRIC is updated every week. Please ask for availability and see other new arrivals before placing order. We will send you images of new fabrics by whatsapp. The prices quoted is for 5m. For different quanted, please contact via dm./collections/silk-ikat-velvet-fabrics

Handwoven Organic Linen Caftans

Linen-cotton fabrics used in caftan dresses were handcrafted a century ago. These linens were produced on looms in the villages of Anatolia, using natural methods dating back two thousand years, which are no longer used today. Silk-cotton-linen blend fabrics and handmade ribbons are used in caftan dresses. Each one is unique and special. It is completely natural and organic.

100% organic natural dyes are used./collections/linen-caftans

IKAT LAMPSHADES. lamshades Ikat. home decor. home decoration. Interior design. Ikat fabric. Ikat decoration. Handwoven. Handmade.

Ikat Lampshades

Our lampshades are made to order. You may select the size and  pattern&colour of the silk ikat to be used. 

Please select size/fabric firstly. The lampshades are referred to by their bottom diameter such as 35cm, 40cm or 45cm and kinds as pleated or card or sphere or wallshades. 

We try our best to make them in 1 week after your order is placed and ship them in a special wooden boxes to avoid risk of being damaged during shipping. We can put upto 10 shades of the same kind in the same box except for spheres. Delivery usually takes about 5 to 7 business.

Please contact us for details by email or whatsapp directly before placing an order.

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